"The journey of School2Stage began in 2014. Madeleine McMahon and I were in the final year of our contemporary and applied theatre degree when we decided to further our creative outlet and try our hand in the education industry. At the start we decided that our most prominent goal was to give the students complete control over the script and content of the shows. This allowed the students to reach their creative potential without the borderlines and restrictions that can come along with set curriculum. Our second goal was experience, presenting these shows at professional and well renowned theatres. This gives the students valuable industry experience, exposure and just pretty cool bragging rights. School2Stage has adopted a working culture of absolute enjoyment. If it’s not enjoyable for the students or if it’s not enjoyable for the S2S crew we won’t do it. This environment is exactly what School2Stage is about, we have fun at work, the students have fun at rehearsal and we love challenging ourselves by putting on shows that get bigger and better each year. From presenting shows at schools to presenting at The Brisbane Powerhouse in such a short period has been incredible.It is an absolute pleasure working with such talented individuals and creating these incredible productions." - Alexander Clarke, Artistic Director of School2Stage

Bianca Macklin-Cordes


So What Are Your Demands?, Metro Arts (Performer) 2018 | What The Funk Are We Doing?, SunPAC (Director) 2017 | Life and Other Fickle Things, The Brisbane Powerhouse (Director) 2017 | The Pineapple Queen (Performer) 2017 | After Frankenstein, Graduate Performance (Production Manager/Performer) 2016


Alexander Clarke

Artistic Director | DIRECTOR

Alexander Clarke enjoys defying expectations by continuously implementing large scaled events. He dislikes many aspects of this particular industry and is building a path to completely change that game. Alexander creates his shows to encourage empowerment within his performers and the audience.

Producer - Out Of This World - SunPAC - 2017 

Producer - Larger Than Life - The Brisbane Powerhouse - 2016

Founder of School2Stage - 2016

Director - I Blame You - Metro Arts - 2016

Actor - Slammed - The Brisbane Powerhouse - 2015

Madeleine McMahon


Hearts of Change, 2high festival. (Performer) 2016

This Is How I Met You, (Director/co-collaborator.) 2015

Nine Pages, S2S metro arts. (Director) 2016

Steve, S2S Brisbane powerhouse. (Director) 2016 Why Won’t My Feet Work?!, S2S SUNpac. (Director) 2017

Liam Burge


Actor - Welcome but not Essential - La Boite Festival of Australian student theatre.

Actor - We Among The Stars - Brisbane Power house School2stage.

Director/Writer - Socks To Be Me - Fresh Blood Festival

Creative - Clowning tour - Brisbane State High School

Creative - Cause and Effect - Metro Arts, School2stage.

Abbie Bryant


Brisbane Immersive Ensemble, “Cluedo: The Interactive Game” (Anywhere Theatre Festival award winner), Queensland Theatre Youth Ensemble, “The Landmine is Me”, Welcome, but Not Essential” La Boite's FAST Festival, School2Stage, “We Among The Stars” Brisbane Powerhouse, Harvest Rein Theatre Company, “Hairspray: The Arena Spectacular” at Brisbane Convention Centre


Previous and future artists...

Teegan Kranenburg

Bridie McDonald

Jeremy Gordon

sarah Robertson

Jamie Zin

Bailey Smart

Lily mimica

rhiannon cate

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