Kristian Santic

Dance-Theatre Laboratory

Dance Theatre Laboratory is a explorative journey into the liminality of body, space, and spirit. This "in-between" space delves into and open our senses to the precarious, deceptive nature of time, the notion of ephemera, and manipulating both. 


Our bodies (and our minds) all too often like to place themselves in the comfortable: of full movements, of safe choreography, of perfect phrases, of "perfect" work. We must disrupt to create anew. We must disorientate ourselves and our conditionings to find a new sequence of events and performative circumstances; in turn, an innovative foreign vocabulary is found. This is the series of physical (and mental) states which we all inhabit. Let us try to find the familiar in the foreign, and the foreign in the familiar. 


Dance Theatre Laboratory prioritises openness and possibilities as paramount to the creative process of collaboration and performance. It is a physical "brain-body-storm" session, wherein individuality of movement is championed while keeping ensemble and effort key vehicles. 


Dance-theatre Laboratory is all-inclusive and prides itself on a highly emotive, gratifying experience, where students enter a safe environment and are granted artistic license to take physical stimulus and create their own vignettes, choreography, moments. Furthermore, this Grotowski-inspired laboratory style is versatile and adapts to curriculum, period, and style. At the end of the workshop, students are given a toolkit of different processes in which they can apply to their own idea-generation and all styles of theatre or dance, or both.


I have created this workshop from my international training and performance from the US (Double Edge Theatre Company) and mentors from UK, Japan, Europe and continue to teach Dance Theatre Laboratory internationally and nationally. 


“What strikes me about Kristian is his intensity of focus to dig into the unknown spaces of his creative endeavours. Not merely satisfied with instigating an innovative approach, he seems determined to deconstruct, rebuild and then search for a new vantage point on each aspect. Fantastically, he does this deep work through light heartedness, humour, and enthusiasm.”

Tom Pritchard (UK)

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