Joel O'Brien

Script Analysis/Improvisation/Character

Joel O'Brien is a Brisbane based actor who is currently studying Musical Theatre at the Queensland Conservatorium. Joel has worked with notable Queensland companies including The Brisbane Powerhouse, Raw Company and Stuartholme Theatre.


Joel's skills include but not limitied to;


Music: Tenor, Basic Piano, Intermediate Theory skills

Dance: Jazz, Tap and Ballet



Aim of the Workshop

To give the students the tools they need to intelligently plan and compose scripts and also methods to help them continue writing when they get stuck with “Writers Block”

Students will be broken into small groups (groups of 2 or 3) and will be given a character archetype each and a situation. They will then construct a scene based around these parameters and then continue to fine tune their scenes with different methods.

Methods Explored.

  • Improvisation

  • Directing

  • 12 Character archetypes

  • Character breakdown

  • Characters wants and Needs

  • Scene breakdown

  • Stanislaski Method

  • Suzuki Method

  • Character Briefs

  • Scene Overviews

  • Setting out of script layout

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