Madeleine McMahon

Acting/Directing/Visual Theatre

Visual Theatre With Madeleine McMahon Workshop Brief:


Aim of the Workshop: To teach the students how to use their physicality and body as a tool to tell a story without the necessity of spoken words. Sharing with them the art of movement to create mood, rhythm and emotion in a performance art context.

Recommended class size: Between 10 to 30 students Class sizes are up for negotiation.

Workshop Breakdown: The human body is powerful tool which artists have learnt to use in unique ways to convey meaning and tell a story. Students will begin the process individually, first exploring themselves and their own bodies physical limitations. They will be put into pairs or small groups depending on the number of students and learn about “Action/Reaction”. One persons movements flowing from them into another persons movements as they react to the action. They will learn a number of techniques involving spacial awareness, pace and sounds to then take their pair/group and create a small performance. They will be given a song and an emotion or scenario and using the techniques they have learnt will construct and perform to the class.

Methods: Improvised movement Directing Action/Reaction Butoh-fu Dance Kinaesthetic response View points atmosphere

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