Caitlin Hill

Auditioning/Script Analysis/Directing

Dance Workshop: A workshop in Musical Theatre style dance - to explore spacing, rhythm, acting, and movement with songs from Disney Musicals, Matilda, Annie etc.


Auditioning: How to enjoy auditioning for theatre and film, from the moment you get an audition to exiting the audition room.


Directing: If the students have control of content, then I see this more as a dramaturg and producer position, assigning roles as if working in a theatre company, and providing basic knowledge in those roles, focusing on minimalism across the production.


Script Analysis: Dissecting a script, asking questions, using imagination, and making solid choices to bring life to the character and story. (Shakespeare, TV/Film, Plays they are studying in school)

Caitlin has created: #whiteandgold for Short+Sweet and The Festival of Australian Student Theatre, and Boys Taste Better With Nutella, with Peter Wood, for Short+Sweet Queensland, where the play won Best Script and Best Overall Production, and Caitlin won Best Actor.

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