Bek Groves



Schools will be able to choose between 3 different styles of workshop. This includes Broadway Jazz, Commercial Jazz or Tap. Below is a brief explanation of each style –


Broadway Jazz – having evolved in the 1950s on Broadway this style is seen across musicals all over the world.


Commercial Jazz – combining different elements of jazz and hip hop this style is seen in music videos and concerts across the industry.


Tap – a variety of rhythm steps to classical and modern music.



CHOREOGRAPHY (45 minute workshop)

CHOREOGRAPHY AND IMPULSE (90 minute workshop)


Choreography is the notion of placing steps together in a sequence either with or without music. The ability to choreograph and improvise is a very important skill to have in the industry.


Students will learn to identify different styles of music as well as the ability to count music. In the 90 minute workshop students will also learn the tools to act on impulse and gain the ability to improvise. This will further their choreographic skills.




In these workshops students will learn stylised movement and sequences for contemporary theatre. This workshop is suitable for students with no dance training.

Bek Grove's notable credits include:


Choreography 2016 - Schools 2 Stage (Brisbane Powerhouse) 2016 - CSTD Dance Convention (QPAC) 2016 - Schools 2 Stage (Metro Arts) 2014 - Spamalot (Harvest Rain Theatre Company) - Choreographic advisor 2013 - But I Don’t Care (2High Festival) 2013 - Something To Hold On To (Festival Of Australian Theatre)



Teaching 2016 - Beverley Parker Academy of Dance ( Jazz, Musical Theatre) 2016 - Reese Dance Centre (Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre) 2016 - Movements Dance Academy (Jazz) 2015- 2016 - CAPA (Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre)

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