Liam Burge

Managing Director

Artistic Director   




Liam's Story

Now at the helm of School2Stage Qld, Liam has climbed the ranks over the years with one focus; giving the youth of Australia their voice. This focus, deeply implanted into the S2S ideals, has fostered countless opportunities and experiences for Liam throughout the years. 


Looking back to the beginning, Liam began his career as an Actor in “Welcome but not Essential” performing at La Boite’s FAST festival back in 2015. Experiencing School2Stage for the first time, when the next opportunity to act in “We Among The Stars” at the Brisbane Powerhouse in 2016, Liam jumped at the chance.  Liam and pervious cast mate Abbie Bryant were also asked to Front of House manage S2S's "Cause and Effect" Season at Metro Arts the same year.

Performance being the dream at the time, Liam was then asked to write and direct his first show for the “All or Nothing” Season alongside Abbie Bryant.  After getting a taste of creating his own vision and allowing others to push their ideas through his work, the spark turned into a flame and would set the foundations for what was to come.
As a jack of all trades, Liam has put his hand up for any task needed. Such as producing, stage managing and  lighting and sound production. More notably, alongside Hannah Hawker, Liam took to designing and building the set for “Harmony”, a fully immersive intractable theatre show commissioned by Brisbane City Council for their 2019 YOUTH WEEK. 

Directing several shows since, showcasing at the Brisbane Powerhouse and QPAC, Liam continues to create relevant and engaging theatre pushing the boundaries of conventional theatre. Tackling real world issues in a whimsical light, all with one focus in mind; giving the youth their voice. 

Now taking captaincy of the ranks of School2Stage Qld, Liam’s focus is now more prevalent than ever. With his strong and dedicated team behind him, Liam continues to create opportunities for the youth of Australia and consistently presents pathways for learning and growth. 

Credit list 

2015 - Actor - Welcome But Not Essential - La Boite 

2016 - FOH - Cause and Effect - Metro Arts 

2016 - Actor - We Among The Stars - Brisbane Powerhouse

2018 - Director - Hinged - Brisbane Powerhouse 

2018 - Director - Defective - Brisbane Powerhouse 

2018 - Director - Socks to be Me - Brisbane Powerhouse

2019 - Set Prod. - Harmony - BCC Youth Week

2019 - Director - Pure Garbage - QPAC

2019 - Director - Just Chill - Brisbane Powerhouse 

2019 - Producer - Don't Mess It Up - Judith Wright Centre 

2020 - Producer - Hiraeth Manor - BCC Youth Week (COVID Canceled)

2020 - Director - Lost In The Post - Backdock Arts

2020 - Director - Down The Drain - Backdock Arts


Don't Mess It Up - 2019