Giving the Youth Control

Originally conceptualized in 2016, School2Stage set out to create a splash in the theatre industry.  Giving ultimate creative control to highschool students and allowing them to write, direct and perform these stories allowed their ideas to be heard above the noise. What the team didn't realise then were the waves created by such a simple concept: Giving the Youth Their Voice. 

With focus on the student and devising original shows tailored to what interests the students themselves, School2Stage is able to provide the platform for young artists to find their creative voice and the confidence to express it to a crowd. During our processes, our actors are able to come out of their shell and achieve more than they ever thought, providing industry profesional direction and a welcoming supportive environment.

As of 2020, a new generation of creatives took control of the idea that once helped them find their voice. Now, School2Stage Qld aims to continue supporting young creatives, and providing more opportunities to showcase the amazing and inspiring stories that are too often overlooked. By giving creative control to the youth, you allow them to find their voice. 

Meet The Team

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    Matthew Wethling

    Tech Lead

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    Felicity O'Leary